Sheela Raja, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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Selected Peer Reviewed Publications
Recent Research​
  • Raja, S., da Fonseca, M., & Rabonowitz, E. (2020). Patient Preferences on Sharing Private Information in Dental Settings. Journal of the American Dental Association. Journal of the American Dental Association. 151(3), 33 - 42.
  • Behrman, P., Fitzgibbon, M. Buscemi, J., Laroche, H., Yanez, B., Sanchez-Johnsen, L, Gwede, C., Raja, S., Gonzales, R. Jacobson, L., Gil-Rivas, V., Colvard, C., Ashing, K., (2019). Society of Behavioral Medicine Position Statement: Congress should protect immigrants seeking health care. Transitional Behavioral Medicine. 9(6), 1244-1247.
  • Behrman, P., Redding, C.A., Raja, S. Newton, T.L., Beharie, N., Printz, D. (2018). Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) Position Statement: Restore CDC Funding for Firearms and Gun Violence Prevention Research. Translational Behavioral Medicine, ibx040,
  • Raja, S., Hasnain, M., Hoersch, M., Gove-Yin, S.,& S.,& Rajagopalan, C. (2015). Trauma Informed Care in Medicine: Current Knowledge and Future Research Directions. Family and Community Health 38(3), 217-227.  
  • Raja, S., Hannan, S., Boykin, D., Orcutt, H., Hamad, J., Hoersch, M., & Hasnain, M. (2015). Self-Reported Physical Health Associations of Traumatic Events in Medical and Dental Outpatients: A Cross-Sectional Study. Medicine,94(17),e734
  • Raja, S., Rajagopalan, C., Hasnain, M., Vadakumchery, T., Kupershmidt, A., Hamad, J., & Hoersch, M. (2015). Trauma Informed Care in Medical Settings: A Pilot Study of Female Patient Perspectives on Coping, Screening and Fostering Resilience. Journal of Women's Health Issues & Care.
  • Raja, S., Hasnain, M., Vadakumchery, T., Hamad, J.,Shah, R., & Hoersch, M. (2015). Identifying elements of patient-centered care in underserved populations: a qualitative study of patient perspectives. PloS one, 10(5), e0126708-e0126708. 
  • Raja, S., Hoersch, M., Rajagopalan, C. F., & Chang, P. (2014). Treating Patients With Traumatic Life Experiences: Providing Trauma-Informed Care. The Journal of the American Dental Association, 145(3), 238-245.
  • Campbell, R., Megson, G., Bybee, D., & Raja, S. (2008). The co-occurrence of childhood sexual abuse, adult sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and sexual harassment: A meditational model of post-traumatic stress disorder and physical health outcomes. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 76(2), 194-207.
  • Campbell, R., & Raja, S. (2005). The Sexual Assault and Secondary Victimization of Female Veterans: Help-Seeking Experiences with Military and Civilian Social Systems. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 29(1), 97-106.  
  • Orsillo, S., & Raja, S. (2002). Comorbidity in PTSD. In R. Kimerling, P. C. Ouimette, & J. Wolfe: Gender and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Clinical, Research, and Program Level Applications. New York: Guilford.  
  • Riger, S., Raja, S., & Camacho, J. (2002). The radiating impact of intimate partner violence in women’s lives. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 17(2), 184-205. 
  • Raja, S., & Stokes, J. (1998). Assessing attitudes toward lesbians and gay men: The modern homophobia scale. Journal of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identity, 3(2), 113-134. 
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