Sheela Raja, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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Corporate settings are fast-paced and psychologically demanding. Consultation can help employees identify the signs of stress, use good communication skills, and implement lifestyle changes to promote wellness, and develop leadership.
Health settings pose a special challenge for patients and providers. Consultation can focus on helping providers integrate trauma-informed, patient-centered care with the realities of time-pressured, high stakes environments. 
Corporate and Workplace Consulting
Dr. Raja works with individuals, workplace teams and companies to improve communication skills and decrease workplace stress. She has experience in many fast-paced environments, including corporate and healthcare settings. The focus is on integrating the latest psychological research with pragmatic suggestions about what helps keep people motivated and energized in the long-term. Her presentations integrate the latest research on trauma-informed care, trust, rapport, attention, motivation, leadership, and mindfulness and can be tailored to the specific needs of your workplace. Dr. Raja's work has helped teams win industry-related training awards and contributed to long-lasting organizational change.